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Low volume/high frequency routine

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What does everyone think about this type of routine?

for just an example


Basically it goes like this:

*You train each body part three times a week. So, say Mon-Wed.-Fri, you do a total body workout.

*But each training session is very low in volume (1 or 2 sets) per part. Just one or two very intense sets for legs, chest, bis, tris, etc..... Rep range doesn't matter as long as its uniform from workout to workout.

*And each time you train a part make sure the weight is a little more than last time.

The concept behind this being that true recovery time doesn't really take more than 48 hours if all you're recovering from is a short, explosive load to your muscles (low volume), and not the more extensive trauma to muscle and ligaments sustained by a protracted workout. This way, you'll have more opportunities or windows for growth in a shorter period of time. I guess a lesson you can extract here...if this is true.....is that it doesn't require much in terms of volume (e.g. 10-15 sets) to stimulate growth.

Well, what say you?

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sounds interesting.. right now im in my 3rd week of an 8 week program... basically you train each body part twice a week but what you are doing is a compound set with 6-8 repm range for 4-5 sets............for example workout 1 chest, delts, arms

chest ........flat bench compounded with incline flys

delts...... millatry press compounded with side lat raises

arms ......tris skull crushers compunded with kick backs

............bis barbell curls with hammer curls ....... high intensity and 60-90 sec rest in between sets whole work out is in muscle fitness really good designed ariund holidays something to check out yours sounds similar .......

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