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Movement 12.11.2003 -- feat Anton Chasm w/ Mz. Buttakup

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Hey Hey all, this week we;ll be welocoming the funky break stylings of Anton Chasm (Sound Alliance, Aurora Borealis) and the live vocal stylings of Mz. Buttakup (Sound Alliance, Aurora Borealis).

Here's a Little Background Info on Anton

Restless in the underground of Philadelphia's thriving dance music community is an exceptional break beat producer / DJ named Anton Chasm. A veteran of the rave scene rooting back to the early '90s, Chasm was one of the first DJs ever in Philly to spin jungle. Chasm began in 1994 as one of the original 'Pure Children' DJs. Chasm played regularly at the infamous 'Space (Motion) nightclub', 'Konkrete Jungle' and Philly's now defunct 'Skyline'. This DJ quickly flourished in Philly and NYC, playing incredible Breaks and Drum & Bass sets at big east coast parties throughout the late 90s. For the past ten years, Chasm has steadily risen through the ranks and made the natural progression from DJ to producer / re-mixer.

Currently spinning a funked-out plethora of breaks and electro, he runs his Sound Alliance Recordings label and energizes dance floors at clubs and raves all over the US. Anton Chasm's funk-filled sets take crowds to another level of break beat bliss! His live performances are intense expressions of the energy of this true electronic performer. He has played many times on 91.7 WKDU radio in Philadelphia, 103.3 WPRB in Princeton, NJ in addition to numerous internet radio gigs. Additionally he composes numerous commercial musical scores for television, radio, film and even computer multimedia projects.

Anton Chasm's discography dates back to 1997 when Sean Oneal of the electronic experimental 'Flowchart' and '611 Records' collaborated with Anton for the 'sideshow all the way' 7" on the Motorway label (Tokyo, Japan). This was followed by another joint effort, 'True Jersey', a 12" with Oneal in 1998 on the Fuzzybox label. Then came yet another Oneal collaboration, 'Icelandic Telescopic' on the 'Cooking How's and Whys' 12" compellation in 1998 on the Black Bean & Placenta label (NYC). Finally, Chasm launched Sound Alliance Recordings in 2002 with his first 12" release featuring his tracks 'Hook It Up', 'This City', 'I Like Booty' by Someone Else AKA Sean Oneal and a remix of that track by Chasm. The next release from Sound Alliance featured two new Anton Chasm tracks, 'Children Of The Night' and 'Electrofusion'. The new release, 'Happiness' is an electro groove infused with passionate femme vocals and driving synth leads. This single has a trance-house remix on the flip side that is commercially viable. Chasm will release three new records in 2003; watch out for this rising superstar!

Most recently, we can savor Anton Chasm's 14-track 'Sound Alliance Recordings' mix compilation, 'Alpha-Q', which is his finest to date. The unpredictability of 'Alpha-Q' runs rampant with Chasm throwing everything from his own 'Hook It Up' and 'This City' to DJ Icey's 'Bust Off The Bassline' and Andi K's remix of Spandau Ballet's 'True' from the 80s! Chasm boasts, "I love playing tracks that grab the crowd's attention, and what you hear on 'Alpha-Q' is the essence of the dynamics I use when I spin. There's a lot of obscure tracks, such as the white label featuring Stevie Nick's 'Rain' that has been a favorite of mine for a long time." The playlist of 'Alpha-Q' completely takes the listener by surprise. Look for all that is musical, electronic passion wrapped in pure talent and you will find Anton Chasm.


11-12 - Anton Chasm w/ Mz. Buttakup

12-2 - Mynd

10-11 - 2wist

9-10 - DZA

Liquid Charm Bar and Lounge - 1207 Race St in Philadelphia

18 to Enter / 21 to Drink


$2 Domestic Bottles / $4 Long Island Iced Teas til 11pm

9pm - 2am

website -- http://www.bassmentcru.net/movement

email -- [email protected]

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