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I flow like breakfast when i spit...


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ok heres a few...

Lloyd Banks

"I dont know why you had your attitude all night long, cause the kitchen big enough for your kids to learn how to ride a bike on..."

"I'll shit on you rap crews, and it really doesnt matter cause I got a handgun the size of one of Shaq's shoes"

"Im half bulnted so the gun goes with me, and the bullets are the size of Mutombo's pinkie"

"See heavy smokin' is a thing I do, That's why my weed supply can fill up the pouch on a Kangeroo"

Kuniva D-12 - "I walk with a limp, pistol hangin' off of the hip, Im akward and quick enough and sick when sparkin' the 5th, your carcus will split even if beef is partially thick, we cant take you seriously your a comedy skit, You probaly wish you could

be out shootin' at G's, but the only thing you shoot is the breeze"...

Fabolous - "But for right now im in a purple coupe, with a model puttin' her face in my lap and it sounds like she's slurping soup"

"My glock holds 10 tough shells, and my lawyer plays defense better than any team in the NFL"

And my personal favorites from recently are from Sheek, these are all in one song...

"What ever you want homie the 5th is ready, black machete, give n*ggas gas like Getty, broad day we can turn off the lights like Teddy, All these tough guys ill turn into spaghetti"

"F*ck that Sheek Louch put the beam to ya, D-Block flows sick like Lukemia"

"Young and naughty, still rockin' when my son turns 40, got the Range for the fam and I keep the coupe a lil sporty, Waterfront view with the upstairs loft, F*ck when im hard and suck when im soft, nuts in her hand tell her squeeze when I cough"

That's enough for tonight....

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