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car naps


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I don't drive, and therefore I don't have a car to nap in. However, a friend of mine used to do this. She dropped out of school, but she didn't want her family to know. Everyday she would leave the house as if she was headed for class, but instead she would drive to a park. She set her alarm for when the class was supposed to let out, then proceeded to take her nap. No on was the wiser until grades were due, and she had nothing to show.

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I am guilty of this. But not becuase I was wasting time and pretending to goto class.. ALthough that story was hilarious.

I used to work so hard and be all over at the same time driving 200-400 miles in Addition to work or getting to it. ANd fell asleep in reststops in my car when it was too dangerous for me to drive.

THE worst had to be when I passed out and woke up halfway leaning out of the car. ( i wasnt drunk) THe thing that pissed me off. Was that I was maybe 4 cars away from the MAIN entrance so everyone EVERYONE went past me without a single sole seeing if I was ok. SPankasses.

ok.. maybe I was holding myself in my sleep but still...lol

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The only time i took a nap in my truck was when i got too trashed to drive home...

I was smart and didn't start the truck, just put the seat back and passed out for an hour or so.

I was only 2 miles from home too, but i only had my new ride for a week and didn't wanna get a dui.

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yeah I slept in my car a numerous amount of times....

the most recent one was after a party too tired or drunk to drive home...so I pulled into a parking space in Queens and everyone in my car passed out.... the only thing that sucked was that it was FREEZING!!!! So I would have to wake up like every half hour put the car on w/ heat and then shut it off...NOT FUN!

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Originally posted by iamme

i think some people from work saw me napping in my car in the AM too (ive been getting to work like 40 minutes early)...im pretty sure they think im a bozo


You're going to start waking up to dollar bill$ tucked under your wipers.

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