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New Years Resolutions

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Originally posted by incredulous

Anyeone started yet, or waiting for monday???

im waiting grin.gif

No resolutions... The last New Years Resolution I made was 6 years ago. To never make another New Years resolution and I have stuck to it since... :D

But Training for the upcoming summer starts monday along with the new eating plan and I quit smoking as of what ever time I fall asleep tonight... :D

Time to get serious... :eek:

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aww those are good resolutions myst.

i dont make resolutions.

i hope to be healthier, go to me gym more often :laugh:

i quit smoking over 6 months ago so that was good.

i dont think we need a special day to do something positive for ourselves.

the other thing i need to focus on is overlooking petty/quirky things that annoy me about people.

and to find some new friends who are not selfabsorbed.

to remember to think about the people i care about & not leave them out no matter where my life takes me.


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Originally posted by Mystify22

Kara, I miss you :( How was ur weekend?

I had a wedding Saturday, and slept all day Sunday........I feel so out of touch w/everyone.

Let's do something Thursday!!!! Drinks?!?!?!

i miss u too!

we should definitely go out for some drinks soon.

my weekend was amazing. i met some really cool people. :D

HaPPy 2004!!!

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Originally posted by phatman

..to witness a kara and myst finally hook up...they're already up each other's butt, just a few inches away...

Kara and Alicia.........if you're gonna use one real name, use mine too please!!!!!

We <3 each other what can we say!?!?!

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