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Avalon this month


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i saw this chick there last weekend.... she was wearing a shiny pink leopard skin leotard fitting one piece head to toe little number.... totally your type.

she had on sunglasses and was doing the '99 glowstick dance. anyways, i told her about you and how she would be tough competition for funmeg, but she is up for the challange and is prepared to meet you sometime soon.

just pick a date and its a go.

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Originally posted by stymie

I need some help. Want my girlfriend to like trance, because I don’t listen to anything else. She got to like what she wants, but it worth a try introducing her to some trance tunes. So what tunes do I pick? I tried Motorcycle - As the rush comes, told her it’s the top tune 2003 at TA, but she dont like it and said it’s like all trance, Beats on repeat. She like cheese music so she really needs some trance tunes. Tiesto, PVD and Armin is already tried, So help me.

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