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Sugar Bowl

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who else thought the sugar bowl fucking sucked?

I know i'm pretty biased being from USC, but i didnt think either LSU or OU played well at all.

OU looked like complete shit... Jason White looked like a scared rookie who couldnt complete a pass if his life depended on it, and i think the entire OU team pretty much gave up after Kansas State showed them they weren't as good as they thought. They managed 11 penalties... it was like they were trying to fuck themselves over.

And LSU... well, yeah the defense did look pretty impresive. but otherwise, they were completely flat. They should have been able to blow out OU, but LSU's offense was almost as lame as Oklahoma's defense. They made huge mistakes on a consistant basis, and nearly let OU overtake them at the end.... narrowly escaping just because Jason White couldnt hit anything but the ground with his horrendous passing.

Overall, i thought it was a pretty damn dissapointing game and that neither team played even remotely as well as they could have.

but thats just my opinion.

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I thought the game sucked but LSU had to win in the own state...I was down there for the week and the LSU football stayed in my hotel and those guys were crazy about beating the shit out of white....alot of hate for OU...I think White is so overrated but USC will be ranked #1 next year...they have so many returning players and a great college coach...

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Originally posted by lolahotass

I think that USC and LSU should be playing this saturday for the out-right championship...........

dont we all.

that would be a fucking awsome game... i know the USC players would be psyched as hell for it. Saban would never let it happen though... he would be risking his million dollar bonus by playing a team he knows is good enough to take down LSU.

i know the United Way tried really hard to get LSU and USC to play this saturday (they wanted to donate some proceeds to charity), but Saban turned them down cold no matter what they tried.

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