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QUESTION for the guys??!!?!??!!?


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If you had the chance to be Wilt the Stilt and Fuck 10,000 women.............WOULD YOU?

My response is........no

There'd be nothing new to experience and no new feats to accomplish....it would just get old. Plus, the level of quality will definatlely diminish

Thats just me though

What are your views?

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No, because i prefer long term relationships for a number of reasons. I would rather fuck a few girls for a total of 10 thousand times VS 1 time with 10 thousand girls.

However, i am not an professional athlete or touring in a rockband. That would change things allot, with all the traveling, wide range of girls, hot girls throwing themselves at you etc...

If i was an NFL player, i would be the guy that stayed in on the phone with his wife while the other guys were out fucking every thing in site.


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