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90's trends


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Seeing as though first was the 70's, now the 80's and you know some of the 90's will make a comeback as well. What are the trends in the 90's you want to see come back and what are the trends you don't?

IMO, 90's SUCKED as far as trends. I think the designers had a decade hiatas with the whole stirrups, high hair, IOU's/Cavaricci's...etc.

I think designers should just skip over that decade and just try a little bit of a 30-40's look (though some have picked up on the 30's glam which I like).

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Throughout most of the 90's I wore clothes from the 70's and 80's! I invaded EVERY vintage shop around town. I also wore plaid dresses with solid color tights and very high platform mary janes...or band tshirts like the cure, porno for pyros, morrissey, peter murphy, tones on tail, and christian death with a pair of bootleg or bellbottom corduroys. To go out at night, we would wear renaissance gowns that looked like something out of romeo and juliet or the other extreme... all leather. The preppy people would always tell us we were a bunch of "freaks."

This was of course before Marilyn Manson... then dressing like that just wasnt a fashion statement anymore, the "look" went commercial (as I like to say) and everyone really DID start dressing like a bunch of freaks... :laugh:

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