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Originally posted by dgmodel

"buy a half-priced sweater, new~!"

wtf does that mean or what is he implying???

i think u have o go to the lines prior to ths to get what he's saying. he says "summertime's unforgettable, booze is in abundance, buy it half price, sweat a new"

i think he's saying that when your in the hood in the summer time and it's hot, they go out and buy cheap booze at half price, but sweat a new, sweat all over again. so they buy booze to cool off at half price, and when they're done, they sweat all over again.

i don't know, thats my take :D

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While we're on the topic, here's one I've been trying to figure out for myself that I have given up on.

Marques Houston has a line in Pop That Booty where he says "i'm fucked up on hypnotiq and ice cream"

What the hell is that all about...the first few times I heard the song I thought it was "hypnotiq and hennesy" which is def. a drink people get. But after hearing it more and more, I'm pretty sure he's saying "ice cream." Am I crazy? If he really is saying ice cream, what the hell is he talking about? A hypnotiq float???? :confused:

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