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britney spears' hubby


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Originally posted by thrillfire

yes, and he seems like a retard too if you saw the interview nbc did with him...

lol i think i heard a clip of that on the radio this morning...supposedly it was a gorgeous night out and they just felt like doing something wild:rolleyes:

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yea .. ya got me im jealous ... hey she's got more money than ill ever see and has a hubby who's uglier than i look the morning after a serious binge drinking session ... ok ... i coulda done better than that im flat right now .. :blank: anyway ...

i dunno ... i think ya did .... im lazy sorry ... too bad ya dun got messy :( ... or if i had aim

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Originally posted by fineones

"We was just chillin' at the room, and we was in Las Vegas, and we were sitting in the room, and we were like, 'Let's go do something. You know, let's go get married,'"


That's intelligence if i've ever heard it:laugh:

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wasn't he voted the best looking guy in high school or something... they mentioned it on the news... on the other side i feel really bad for the guy, just because he has been friends with britney since childhood and wanted to spend a fun time with her, he probably wasn't smart enough to realize that her fame is going to transpire on to him and he will be scrutinized to no end.

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