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Holy sheeeeet.....New Jersey? Only steers and queers come from NJ,and since you dont sound like a steer,that kinda narrows it down a bit.You are without a doubt the gayest man,ooops,boy i think ive ever had the displeasure of slagging off.Rather than wasting time giving homosexuals a bad name,why dont you get yourself up to Boston,stroll along Berkeley St and pop into the Marquis.Cos thats where you'll find all the accessories and gadgets you'll need to satisfy your obvious lust for all things manly and rubbery :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

And you'd better hope no-one on this board grasses you up and sends me your address,cos there'll be some serious badass Celts who'd love to kidnap a w@nker like yourself and fly you back to Glasgow,where you'd end up being an exotic gimp to a load of meat-eating transsexuals who like nothing better to gorge themselves on closet gays like yourself.


Now go to your room.You've got school tomorrow.

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I couldve posted it on the jersey board,but i refuse to waste my valuable time on that wee scrotum.

Although i was going to call him a necrophiliac for shagging my mom, even though shes not REALLY dead

But it wouldve been fun to imagine him squirming

Anyhoo....even if my mom was dead,she'd have STILL kicked his ass for digging her up :laugh:

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