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TRUE COLORS (drum n bass en Madrid. Spain)

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TRUE COLORS - Rootkush Syndicate & Mutacube present DJ BUBBSTA (London/UK)

thirsday, January 15th 2004

c/Caballero de Gracia 20, metro Gran Via, Madrid, Spain

with flyer 8€, without flyer 10€

UNITY CLUB @ Sala Dnoise

from 00:00 till 06:00

Zone drum&bass:

- DJ BUBBSTA (Londres/UK)

- RAW B (Rootkush Syndicate)

- KICK-E (Rootkush Syndicate)

- STRAGO (Mutacube)

- LEECH_01 (Mutacube)

- MC PIRATE G (Hectic, Pluralform)

- MC MOOD (System-a-tik)

- MC MANTISSE (System-a-tik)

Zone dancehall/rap:



- LA MEKA 55




www.mutacube.com >> www.pluralform.com >> www.madridmassive.org

Price with flyer:

till 01:30 - free // with 2 drinks - 8€

after 01:30 - with 1 drink - 8€

Price without flyer:

all night with a drink - 10€


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