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What are your top toons of all time?


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This thread has probably been done before on this board,but i'm too fvckin lazy to look for it.And lets face it,you could do this thread every 6 months and your answers would be different each time. You lot know each other tastes,but im starting from scratch, so it'll be interesting to compare it transatlantic-style.Your top 5/10/20/whatever tunes would be appreciated.Sorry for giving you my top 40,but if i had my way,i'd have given you my top 200...

so consider yourselves lucky:laugh:

(read in a Casey Kasem/Groundskeeper Wullie styleee):

1.ASHA...jj tribute(1990)


3.LOST/FRANKIE BONES...technofunk(1990)

4.BEDROCK...for what u dream(1994)

5.ALISON LIMERICK...where love lives(1991)

6.FRANKIE KNUCKLES...your love(1989)

7.ARMIN...blue fear(1997)

8.MOBY...go!(woodstick mix)(1991)

9.MARSHALL JEFFERSON...open your eyes(1988)

10.DJ HELL...my definition of house music(1992)

11.LIFE ON MARS...life in mind(1997)

12.CHANTAL...the realm(1990)

13.TIMO MAAS...trichter music(1999)

14.JOEY BELTRAM...energy flash(1990)

15.RED PLANET...star dancer(1993)

16.JAM+SPOON...odyssey to anyoona(1993)

17.FPI PROJECT...going back to my roots(1989)

18.JOE SMOOTH...promised land(1988)


20.THE ORB...a huge,ever-growing...(orbital mix)(1990)

21.SHADES OF RHYTHM...sweet sensation(1990)


23.MORY KANTE...yeke yeke(hardfloor mix)(1995)

24.HARDFLOOR...acperience 1(1992)

25.LUSTRAL...everytime(nalin+kane mix)(1997)

26.LIL LOUIE...french kiss(1990)

27.GOLDIE...inner city life(1995)

28.SLAM...positive education(1993)


30.RAZE...break for love(1988)

31.FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON...papua new guinea(1991)

32.HOUSE HALLUCINTES...prisoners of ecstacy(1992)

33.WESTBAM...hold me back(1989)

34.THE BELOVED...sun rising(1989)

35.DRUM CLUB...sound system(1993)

36.GOLDEN GIRLS..kinetic(1991)

37.WAREBAND+TED ROBINSON...party childern(1989)

38.STEVE SILK HURLEY...jack your body(1987)

39.CHRIS CARGO...question(dark driver mix)(2002)

40.ORBITAL...impact(usa version)(1993)

And remember,keep your feet on the ground but keep reachin for the stars.:D

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off the top of my head....

1. I Turn to You - Melanie C. (Dj Choopie Remix)

2. Spente le Stelle - Emma Shapplin

3. Final Chapter - Mike Macaluso

4. Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation

5. Kiss - Bad Boy Joe

6. Someone - Ascension

7. Castles in the Sky - Ian Van Dahl (Xlr8ted Dub)

8. Plan B - Blue Harvest

9. Pitchin - High Gate

10. Outa Space - Mellow Trax

11. Sandstorm - Darude (Groovefire edit)

12. Dive in the Pool - Barry Harris

13. Blackout - Mada

14. Don't Want Another Man - Dynamix

15. You See the Trouble With Me - Black Legend

16. Take Your Time - The Love Bite

17. The Milshake Song - Keils (Danielles Tourette Remix)

18. Rapture - Iio

19. Dont call me baby - Madison Avenue

20. Blackwater - Octave One (D:rew's Keg Party mix)

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