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a typical night with g1313


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let me lay you down----take off your shirt---kiss you with passion....play with your tits---lick them---suck them----pinch your nipples....then take off your pants....ill rake my hands up and down your legs---coming close to your pussy but not touching it----tease you---make your heart pound with excitement----ill lick your neck---then move to your sexy tits----ill play with them as i lick your stomach----then ill move further down---kiss your belly button----pinch your nipples---then lick your legs....ill move closer to your pussy ---but i wont lick it yet---ill round my tongue all around your pussy and your legs ---ill make you beg me to suck your pussy----but i wont yet----ill suck -kiss--and lick your thighs---then after a while of teasing you---I will begin---I slide my tongue up and down your pussy---which is warm and wet from the teasing-----itastes good---ll lap my tongue up---then down---ill do this for a while---looking up at you as you arch your back with pleasure---then ill circle your swollen clit----flick your clit with my tongue---i slide a finger into your pussy while im circling your hot clit----i tease your asshole by licking my finger and rubbing the hole---gently putting my finger in---slowly----then ill put my lips around your clit and suck your clit----you scream for me to put my cock in you.....but i ignore you and continue to suck your clit----your legs begin to shake---youre rubbing your tits---playing with your nipples---then.......it happens---your entire body shakes involuntarily----youre cumming and cant help but scream-----i stay on your pussy---sucking and you beg me to fuck you----i come up-----you grab me and kiss me----tasting your own pussy---you say this is amazing---then you tell me to fuck you.......

you lay back---i play with myself a little make it rock hard---then i tap your clit with my hard cock-----we both laugh---then you ask me to please fuck you NOW---i stick the tip in-then pull it out---I look at you and you tell me you want me NOW---then i put my hard cock back in--a little deeper this time then i pull out---lean over and kiss you---lick your neck---then i put it all in!!!!you kick your head back and i grab your neck---you look me in the eyes then tellme to fuck you good----i rake my hands down your chest--then stomach---then tickle your pussy---i go down on you... lick your wet pussy then grab my hard cock and put it in----i grab your right hand firmly and out it over your head---you grab me tight as well----i take my other hand and rub your arm ---then grab the other hand and put them both over your head--- i put my thick hard cock in your sweet wet hole----i look you right in the eyes as i work your warm whole --- you tell me that its soooo good and i call you a dirty slut---do you like my cock in your wet pussy? you scream yes G----you like me to call you names---i stop and look at you and ask you--"are you my little slut?"---you scream YES---i sit back and continue to fuck you with a medium pace---i ask you if you like cock inside your wet pussy----you smile and tell me to kiss you---as i kiss you...i run my fingers through your hair---then i get back to your pussy----pounding you---making your tits bounce---i grab your tits and sqeez them together--i tell you to rub your clit and make you watch my cock go in you----you start to rub your fingers around your pussy as you watch me fuck you----you are breathing heavy----you tell me you want to taste your pussy so i move up and put my cock in your mouth---you suck my dick---moaning because it is your favorite thing in the world---then i lean back and tickle your clit---you start to moan louder then i pull my cock out of your mouth----i kiss you and lick your neck as i play with your sexy tits---i tell you to turn around and say im going to slam your pussy doggy---you look back at me and smile----i rub your round sexy ass then run my tongue across your asshole---i tease you again by running my fingers up and down your asshole---then i grab my cock---play with it and make it get super hard---then slide it in your pussy------you put your head into your pillow and scream "YES" ---i start slow--thrusting my hard cock in and out ---then i begin to rub your ass----smack it----smack it harder---i rake my hands up and down your back----then i grab your waist with both hands with force and begin to FUCK you HARD and FAST---you start to scream----do you love my hard cock? yes --yes---AS IM FUCKING YOU HARD---i lick my finger and put it in your ass--in and out i grab you tight and pull you towards me so you get deep penetration----i fuck you---and fuck you---and fuck your hard---harder----your cum makes it slide in good---then i tell you im going to cum----you say blow it on my tits---i turn you over---jerk off ---then blow my warm cum on your big tits----i then rub the warm cum all over you----playing with your tits and kissing you---you moan with satisfaction ---we kiss for a while-----i run my fingers through your hair with one hand and pinch your nipples with the other----youre smiling and feel like a Goddess---we look at eachother---i kiss you again---then look at you again and slowly head south licking your stomach ---then down to your pussy again circling around your hot swollen lips---peek my head up----and say---ROUND 2



yours truly---G

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