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who here has aid?


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Originally posted by notallthere444

i dunno.. I personaly never met anyone that had aids that wasent gay..

have you? Be honest.. Aids is soooooOOOO EARLY 90'S

my uncle died of aids last year and he wasn't gay. he abused drugs. and be a little more sensitive to this topic. it can happen to anyone.

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yeah i know some people - mostly gay folk but not all. Because the meds have come so far you'd never know - they have no symptoms or anything and lead totally normal lives ('cept the sex part of course).

its sorta something they just don't ever bring up because people still have such a negative reaction to it.

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Originally posted by bbbooom

you first get hiv than after a long while it turns into aids

It becomes AIDS depending on certain factors: when the CD4 count drops below a certain number (either 500 or 200, I'm not sure); or with the development of various AIDS-associated conditions like fungal pneumonias, Kaposi's Sarcoma, various lymphomas, etc. With appropriate treatment someone could be HIV positive for 20 years without technically being diagnosed with AIDS.

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