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Hi My Name is Mrs. Whitebread!


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We just had a client call in and her last name was Paneblanco - which ofcourse translates into white bread. I cant stop laughing about it. Ever run across some of the same?

Another one - we have a client whose last name is katharosporos - the literal greek translation is clean sperm - ergo mr. cleansperm.

Maybe this is only funny to me....:confused:

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Originally posted by dgmodel

lol so was my neighbor when i lived at home...

p.s. did you see the lugers thread???

Heh.. thanks ... I was there today... The ones they sell there aren't as good.. they're bigger... I had to go to Luger's to get my fix ... But they told me I can get the ones I want if I go back friday right before closing... $3 a dozen.. they also said I can freeze em and pop em in the oven for a couple of minutes and they'll be just as good... I can't wait :aright:

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Originally posted by dgmodel

aw man sorry... well at least you got your fix...

I was talking to one of the owners.. little jewish guy... he's got some business going there.. Its not really a bakery... more like a wholesale bread factory.. he told me he sells those rolls only to Luger's and the Plaza hotel... and he doesnt really sell any retail unless its mail order.. he gave me a url but it's in my car

BTW they also make great focaccia

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