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amino fluid

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I believe you are talking about that stuff Amino Fuel by Twinlab. It is essentially, a big ass bottle of amino acids in liquid form. I haven't seen them in tablets....It is supposed to supply you with all the essential amino acids. I took it for a while along with a high protein diet. I can't say that I saw results directly from that supplement, but I believe it helped out a bit because once I stopped taking it, I felt I wasn't achieving the same results...It's a pretty cheap supplement also, try it out and if you don't like it, no big hit on the pocket..

A word of advice, IT TASTES LIKE SHIT and smells even worse.

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Originally posted by joeg

aren't all the essential amino acids in most protein shakes anyway?? :confused:

Would have to be or else, it wouldn't be protein.

The only amino's I would consider taking would be L-glutamine and L-Lysine.

Also, when taking amino's make sure and get the "L" as the "D" version has no use in humans. It is not found naturally and can only be manufactured in the lab. But some companies will include it in with the L b/c they do not want to take the time to seperate.


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