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another reason to hate moby


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Bush-Whacking: Margaret Cho; her defender Moby (below); Matt Drudge (bottom)

Activist rocker Moby is leading a jihad against cybergossip Matt Drudge, blaming him for inciting "far right-wingers" who sent abusive and racist E-mails to comedian Margaret Cho.

On his Web site and in private messages to friends, Moby has been claiming that Drudge "took out of context" Cho's stream of anti-Republican invective - intended as comedy shtick - during last week's moveon.org awards show at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

"I was outraged," Moby told me. "Everyone knows that Margaret's comedy is very irreverent and Lenny Bruce-style confrontational, and Matt Drudge took it out of context and exposed her to some really irresponsible and vile reactions."

"That's absurd," Drudge responded. He pointed out that the posts on drudgereport.com had clearly identified Cho as a "comedian" and set the scene for her profanity-laced remarks, which he published at length under the headline "RAW RAGE AT BUSH DURING MOVEON.ORG AWARDS."

A couple of days after posting the excerpts, Drudge published Cho's complete routine from the event.

Among her saltier observations, during the liberal group's celeb-studded gala to honor political ads attacking President Bush: "Despite all of this stupid bull-- that the Republican National Committee, or whatever the f-- they call them, that they were saying that they're all angry about how two of these ads were comparing Bush to Hitler? I mean, out of thousands of submissions, they find two. They're like f-- looking for Hitler in a haystack. ...George Bush is not Hitler. He would be, if he f-- applied himself."

After Drudge's account was linked by the right-leaning FreeRepublic.com, Cho received dozens of ugly E-mails, most of them unprintable in a family newspaper. (A typical message advised the California-born Korean-American: "Go back to Asia you slanted eye whore.")

On her own Web site this week, Cho wrote to a concerned fan: "I know that I have not pulled punches with the way that I beat the s-- out of Dumya, I mean Dubya."

Moby told me: "The only good to come of this is that the extreme right has shown their true colors. ...Bush is masquerading as a 'compassionate conservative,' but they've now exposed their extremely right-wing, misogynistic, racist agenda."

Drudge shot back: "Those E-mails are mild compared to what I receive on a daily basis. That is the nature of the Internet. Moby and his friends just have to 'butch up.'"

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Moby, Cho, and the rest of the MoveOn.org schmucks (including Gore) are complete jokes, and have done more harm to themselves than the "angry" email they receive.....

Amazing that they want to say anything they want without any accountability or recognition of free speech from those who oppose their dimwit views and assanine statements....

laughable.....a bunch of worthless clowns......

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i think the democratic party is shooting itself in the foot

its pretty sad.

its not a good thing for anybody, because they are weakening the system by not being able to mount an opposition and keep the republicans in check.

as a republican, i'm happy Bush is going to be re-elected, but somewhat worried about the radical approach that many democrats have adopted lately.

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Originally posted by daprofessional

actually, i dunno about all that. If the Dems ran a Kerry/Edwards ballot or a Edwards/Kerry, it might be interesting. They're not too radical.

i think thats what it might come down to though, although that idiot Clark is also a possibility for the VP spot and that would be suicidal for the Dems

(something about Clintons wanting Clark in there)

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