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Adobe InDesign question


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fuck, this is really simple but....

im trying to flip a letter horizontally, but i cant seem to figure out how to do it. :banghead:

the transform/rotate option only seems to rotate the entire text box and not my actual selection. i dont get it, its so easy to manipulate the text, letter by letter, so easily - but i cant get this to work. i must be missing something...

Can anyone help me out?

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Originally posted by scoob-e

i dont know shit about adobe indesign, but maybe if u designate every letter a different layer, ull be able to manipulate just that one layer, sort of the same way u do it with macromedia flash.

that would work, but i was hoping i wouldnt have to do that. id like to to keep as clean as possible....however, if there is no other way....

but there has to be a way! :cuss: they thought of everything else, why not this :shaky:

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