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michael moore replaces bush on google!


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Michael Moore Replaces Bush as Google's "Miserable Failure!"

Luke Skyfreeper scoops the world! ^ | Luke Skyfreeper

Posted on 01/25/2004 12:16:05 PM PST by Luke Skyfreeper

Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it RIGHT HERE first! Once again, FreeRepublic scoops the world!

As of 2:07 pm Central Standard Time, Jan 25, 2004, Michael Moore has replaced our United States President as Google's preferred pick for "miserable failure."

An article published just two days ago in Britain's Guardian newspaper commented on the, um "rising star" of Michael Moore in the Google search engine category. At that time, former US President Jimmy Carter was at the number two spot, and Moore was at third.

Google's preferred pick is found by typing the words in the search engine window, then hitting the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.

Earlier, the phrase "miserable failure" would produce Moore - but only if enclosed in quotes. Now, there's no qualifier - Moore, the miserable failure that he is, "reigns supreme."

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