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Im coming to Mass.....


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Originally posted by kostaP

Feb 6 7 8 and then again....27, 28 and 29.

Framingham Im told for the 6 7 8 not sure where for the other dates.....whats the deal.




Any plans...anything goin on??

You gonna play host for a JerZ Boy.

I wont be here for the 6-8th... sorry man. Dunno whats going on the 27-29th, I will look into it though. Ill be around that weekend.

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Originally posted by ras67

kaydup, you know... the kid who used to post here?

stick around and some day you might even figure out what a supa is....

I know who Kayd is they said soemthing about posting pics of them blasting K.... whats K??

Is it a narcotic substance of some sort??

Ras when I come up can we bang in your honda??I mean in your apartment...or is it technically a mobile home??

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people on OTHER boards, I dont get mad at what people say

talk all ya want Kosta, I'm a firm believer in freedom of speech

i know the difference between talk and action, so i don't sweat it

does this mean i'm not one of the "couple" of people that are supposed to get mad? shucks :smile2:

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