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Attn : Club Planet Retards


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BUt I am confident he will get all of club planet retards who bragged about getting his board shut down. THe fact that Josh Carl is a moderator on Club Planet and is trying to stop the Bull shit that you pulled over here and other boards is. Good thing he is friends with Manny so he can maybe help him clean up a little more.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Fact is, I even if i could ban someone, I wouldnt.

I enjoy the fiestiness, I like talkin shit my damn self.

go look at the other cities, they do not work like Boston...

christ, look at jersey... and thats NEW JERSEY!

if everyone is polite, and dosent raise the occasional hades, it would be a really lame time... i WOULDNT BOTHER READIN IT!

On manny's board, its a bit different...That board is owned, paid for and maintained by manolo. people on "HIS" board dont even support him... thats his home, just like Dtourism is Dannys.

So, when he decides. why am I paying out my pocket to give people a place to meet, kill time at work and have friendly banter... well I cant blame him for laying the law down here and there, truth is... That board has been riddled with drama since inception... but thats the best part about it.

would you watch a movie or read a book is it had mildly amusing drama and emotion??? The problem was, 9/10 people wouldnt own up to the shit they talked...and thats just bad buisiness.

the close & move was to go to a server where they could prevent alias a bit more.

club planet is a global club community, NOT a friend of the owner of the board situation.... its everones board... I just try to keep the general peace... Call someone a asshole...I dont care, shit, if they are one...

things like Spamming, posting under other peoples names, and generaly just undermining the message board is all I moderate.

Ive been a member since 98 and moderator since 00... Ive seen CP go up and down many times.

so, again....post away...say what u want. I moderate, not censor

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