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Seducing women at work! (here's how)


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If you work for a big company, you have a possibility of meeting many girls, while the more frequent rotation of personnel will increase your chances for the new victories. Hurry to pay attention to your new colleague before any of your other colleagues did that. You have to use a specific tactics. Avoid the words like "Welcome! Do you like it here?" You better try to catch her attention by a well worded compliment. Ask her questions about her new job, say a couple of good words about her boss and other colleagues. What would also be kind of cool is if you stopped being such a horny bastard and got to work you lazy ass romeo wannabe! Don't forget, you get paid to work not to sexually harrass your co-workers...aside, don't think your slick moves are going unnoticed by human resources, you probably stand out like a grain of pepper on a pot of salt.


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