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Sasaki Leaves the Mariners


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Yeah I was pretty pissed when I had heard that he was going back to Japan, I mean hes (in my eyes) our best closer.....Hell definitely be missed, and I can totally respect why hes leaving. Hopefully we can either get someone to replace him or the rest of our bullpen can pick up the slack.....If not itll be a hard year for the Mariners...Not that it isnt every year :-D But we still manage to pull through somehow.....Its all about The mariners or redsox in 2004!!!!

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If I had to pick, I would definitely want the Mariners over the Red Sox.. and not just because I hate the Red Sox.. I actually love a lot of the players on the Mariners, it's a good group, they just can't seem to pull it together to get to post-season.

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Originally posted by druwishprincez

Hey....thats not very nice! The mariners are an awesome team and so are the red sox, we jsut choke under pressure....

exactly! You guys had a sick team back in the day w/ Griffey, Buner, Edgar(the man can still hit), Tino(has a ring w/ the Yankees not the M's), A-rod, and Randy Johnson just to name a few. But now, I dont know. The Angels are gonna be tough this year in your division, but best of luck anyway.

My Seattle team is the Sonics. Are you a b-ball fan as well?

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Dude...we only took our division what I think 2 times when we had those freaks.....I mean I love randy johnson, hes one of the best pitchers in my mind and griffey...well griffey can kiss my ass.....and same with alex rodriguez....I love tino hes a good man I hated to see him leave......Ever since we got rid of our "star" players we have been better. I think losing those egos made the team come together cause they couldnt "rely" on just 1 or 2 "star" players anymore. So it was a good move made by management... I liek the sonics, ummm I dont necessarily liek watching it on TV unless its a big game, but if Im there live by all means I love it!

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