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Friday Night

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Originally posted by scavenger81

Do you know if its the same set he played at crobar in miami last thursday?......

I doubt he even knows what he'll play Friday let alone me, but I'm sure there will be a few tracks in common at least.

Originally posted by fouroneone

r u still in miami?

Nope, got back late last night, at work today. The horror...the horror...

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I'm baaaaaa-aaackkk!

And I think I wanna get me sum cox this Friday, too.

(Other than that, I have absolutely nothing to look forward to now that I am back in this frigid weather, and my tolerance for every type of substance has skyrocketed so much that I took a pill right before I got on the plane --waste not, want not-- and I didn't feel a damn thing...):blown:

I wish wmc was every day. Actually, that would be a lot of very expensive, sleepless days. But the music would be really good.:idea:

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so i take it the walking wounded bunch of wmc pussies will not be going out.

"ohhh i had no sleep"

"on no my hands won't stop shaking"

"oh no my ass hurts and i do not know why"

"my eyes hurt from g-ing out and falling in a pool"

"5 days of good music and awsome clubs i do not want to spoil the memories and deal with crappy avalon on a friday that will be so oversold the trannies won't get comped"

What are the rest of the excuses?

:laugh: :laugh: :mad::rolleyes::laugh::blank::hat:

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