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Heres the truth about XL Lounge in Newark (ironbound)

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You know, people who know me know that i am true industry. and i work very hard at what i do. but some people just dont appreciate hard working people. ive known matty for about 12 years. weve been involved on many successful parties.....twilo, tunnel, and limelight to name a few....but in the last month matty has become the shadiest person ive ever met!! i cant understand it, weve worked so hard to make XL Lounge in Newark(ironbound) one of the greatest clubs in the tri state area....everyone in the industry refers to it as the twilo with a loungy twist. i helped bring in resident DJ Esteban. who, everyone will tell you is a rising star. i arranged some of the most successful parties here in jersey. the CP meetup, congo night, the welcome back from WMC w/411....but matty doesnt appreciate anything ive done. ahhh oh well, such is life. im done with XL Lounge in Newark (ironbound). Me and fouroneone will be announcing our new party very soon!

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