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Vida Guerra


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Originally posted by Mystify22

Yeah wtf, why would she go on that?

well , maybe cause she is cuban and that is a mostly cuban show ... its good to know she dont 4get where she comes from ... we hung out with her here at ultra and shes a trully down to earth chick !! kool ?? and with an ass like that ?? how can u lose ? and btw ... her face is cute as hell in person ... her pics really dont do her justice ... i mean , i like her face in the pics as well but in person shes even cuter :cool:

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Originally posted by lollie60

was that pic taken at Ultra ?

Becuz I only saw Vida in air brushed, glossy photos w/ 2000 mega watts of lighting - I'd say she her glossy spreads look better ..

I'm sure she's nice person though

No, that was last night at her B-day Party Celebration at Oxygen Lounge in the Grove.

My opinion - she looks so much cuter in person, I think it's mainly because of her smile. In pictures it's fake, and in person it's really bright. :D

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Originally posted by fliptoniaaa


Check out themrs coppin' a feel! :laugh: :laugh:

Seriously, tho... yer cleavage is O.H.!! :drool: But, then I look next to you and realize what prolly gets placed there from time to time. :mad: Dammit, man!! :mad:

But, alas... I :bowdown: to you, Senor Flip. For I believe in having role models. :D

Oh... and in that video? Someone was askin' a while ago what an "onion ass" is??? Textbook example, my friend! :drool: :drool: :drool:

... funk... out.

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i think i was blew my load. wow. she is f'kin hot. she is the it girl for now. my girl is brazilian and she has a nice booty but nothing compared to her... i dont think a brazilian girl has a booty like that. sike. anyone seen brazilian girls. huh. you those asses all the time. but she is the it girl for me right now.

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