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On the Flo'

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Real girls get down on the flo' on the flo' (4x)

Like a Pimp

Real girls get down on the flo' on the flo' (2x)

Like a pimp

Real girls get down on the flo' on the flo'(2x)

[Lil' Flip]

By the time I hit the door

I saw hoes on the flo'

Niggas dressed in suits

Tricking all dey hoes

Me imma pimp

I aint paying for no sex

Man I'd rather buy a car

Or a new rolex

Cause I got street paint

So hoes flock like birds

I got one hoe in the range

And another hoe in the surbs'

When I hit the club

Imma be wit David Banner

A thug ass nigga

Wit bad table manners

We act bad (my nigga what is yall saying)

Like when we walk inside clubs

Niggas hold they gal's hand

Cause they know we run trains (choo choo) all night

How could yo gal leave me

And be wit you all night

But its all right

Cause you know we don't kiss

Like Too $hort said

Bitches aint shit

I tried to told ya

Dat most girls really freaks

And dis is how they gotta

make they money every week

[Chorus]{repeat 4 times}

Real girls get down on the flo' on the flo'(2x)

Like a pimp

[David Banner]

Step into club looking just like a pimp

We got cash

So we screaming out "shake something BITCH"

This is the song

Tell the DJ put it on

Micheal Tyler made you shake

Sisqo made you show your thong

Bitch im dead wrong

The playa from the crib

So get out on the flo'

And girl get it how you live

And since you so hot (hot)

Then show yo pussy lips

??? but I know you still flip

Bitch don't trip

Aint a damn thang changed

I still love my queen

But bitches keep me to the game

So if you gotta hoe

Shake em up and let em go uhh

And let them girls get down on the flo' on the flo'

Like a Pimp


[Lil' Flip]

Now don't you hate them ole'

Lying ass hoes

Smiling in your face

Wearing her best friends clothes

I suppose

They like the way me and Banner pimp

You can catch us at Poppa Do's

Eating steak and shrimp

[David Banner]

Or you can catch us at E&G pouring it up

Flip whipping Cali trucks

Guls licking my nuts

We some south side pimps

And we aint giving a fuck

Fuck yo gul up in the throat

And make her swallow the nut

[Lil' Flip]

We make em

Swallow the nut so

Follow the truck

Lil' Flip and David Banner

We got all of the butts and

All of they sluts and

All of the hoes

So drop it like its hot girl

Touch yo fucking toes


[David Banner]

Gone touch yo toes and

Make me a roll and

Gone hit the mall

And buy me some clothes mayne

And if yo boy's trill

Imma bust a clip

Yall bitches can't fuck wit me


[Lil' Flip]

Lil' Flip Nigga

Nigga Nigga

Yea nigga

This for the real money makers out there you know

Get yo mother fucking money

Don't worry bout the next nigga

Get yo mother fucking money

Get yo mother fucking money nigga

Uh get your money money

Money money

:rofl: on the flo' :funny:

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Originally posted by phatman

...i cant believe you posted this wendy....just the other day i took my headphones off at the gym, and pounding through the speakers was this song...i just died laughing right there...

I heard it last night and could not stop laughing - hence the post!

You guys loveeeee this song! ;)

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