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Gloating at Madrid's graveside

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Gloating at Madrid's graveside

March 14, 2004

Has anybody else noticed an element of gloating at the horror in Madrid among pro-war commentators? Amid the expressions of revulsion and sorrow at the killing of 200 Spaniards on Thursday, some seem almost excited by the prospect that Europe has been 'shocked' back to its senses and might now do its duty in the war against terror.

According to Andrew Sullivan, the mass murder in Madrid might at last help Europeans to 'realise what Tony Blair and George Bush have been warning about for so long. The enemy is clear.... It's up to Europe now. Maybe now they'll get it.' In response to a Le Monde editorial denouncing the bombings, Sullivan asks: 'Whatever happened to all those sophisticated European "grey areas"? With any luck, they died in the wreckage of Madrid's trains.'

'Welcome to reality', was Australian journalist Tim Blair's response to the bombings. Blair has some words of warning for Europeans who think they are safe from such outrages. In response to Dutch terrorism expert Edwin Bakker, who claims that the Netherlands is 'relatively low down on the list of countries that faced the "wrath of Islam"', he writes: 'Bakker can step as lightly as he wants in those felt-soled peace clogs of his. Islamist killers would be as happy to blast him to death as they would anyone not screaming their support for extreme Muslim lunacy.'

If you don't quite get what Blair is saying, his Comments section contains the Just For Kids version. On some sites, particularly of the pro-war persuasion, Comments often read like a less mediated, more uncouth interpretation of what the author him or herself thinks. Post-Madrid, one such Comment on Blair's site says: 'I will recognise Europe's rise from the bowels of evil as soon as they realise that terror in Madrid is just as evil as terror in Tel Aviv. Until then, fuck the slimebag nazi Europeans.' Nice.

For some, the Madrid massacre provides comforting confirmation that they are good and their enemies bad; that the black-and-white war against terror continues. 'Somehow this evil puts everything else in perspective, doesn't it?' writes Sullivan. In this, Sullivan echoes the response of UK prime minister Tony Blair, who explicitly defined his mission in stark contrast to the terrorists': 'We will match their determination with our own. We will be as resolute as they are fanatical, as strong in defence of good as they are hell-bent on doing evil.'

The smoke had barely cleared from Madrid's railway tracks than some were gleefully telling Europeans, 'We told you so'. The dead had barely been counted before Tony Blair and others were pointing to Madrid as a new frontier in the war against terror, as a brutal reminder of what we are fighting against in defence of 'our way of life'. Like so many around the world, I have been asking who could perpetrate an act as heinous as that in Madrid. But there is another question: what kind of people define their mission, their political vision, their entire belief system, in response to bloody, meaningless, nihilistic murder?

Full editorial


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Originally posted by jamiroguy1

Igloo...no comment?

I'll pretend to be igloo for a second:

Shut the fuck up you dispicable cunt. Once again you proved you are a repulsive imbecile. Please do not reproduce you waste of sperm. These idiots who blew up the train are terrorist that you and the rest of the socialists who won support. And the people are idiots for voting for these commie pinkos!


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