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Our last party at XL

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Attn: NJ Clubplanet

Lets take a minute to set the record straight!

With all the drama XL Lounge in Newark (Ironbound) has been creating, I would like to take a minute to clear the air and set the record straight for those of you who are new to our beloved "scene".

When Kevin first contacted me asking if I would like to come on board to do a party with him I was hesitant. I knew Kevin was a great guy, but I thought his visions were just a little too large. He wanted to create something like "twilo" but with a loungy feel to it. A place in Newark (Ironbound), where people could go to relive the old twilo days, but not have to deal with the hectic crowds and traffic that New York City is plauged with.

With little more than a pad and pen, and our various contacts in the industry we set to work to make that dream a reality. The great people at XL Lounge in Newark (Ironbound) felt our passion, and saw our vision, and we decided this would be the best place to make it a reality. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the amazing talent of DJ's Esteban and Unique, both talented in spinning the best of Hip Hop, Reggae, and Rock.

After spending all day setting up, we had our first party 2 weeks ago. Kevin did not dissapoint. Not one hour into the party people were saying it reminded them of Twilo, but with a "Loungy" feel. The drinks were flowing, the girls were amazing, the crowd was a-list, and it was wall to wall packed by 11:45.

Then the meet-up, that night will live in CP memory forever. How about the Brazilian Carnival Party? Eric Morillo told me he had never been to such a slammin party IN HIS LIFE.

We wish everyone a safe flight and drive going and coming back. Did we say coming back. Next Friday March 12th we go back into time with a welcome back party. Complimentary admission for all before 11. We are going old school / back in the day and offering nothing but the best of house, dance, and hip hop classics.

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