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share your stupid political argument story here!

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i got into a political argument with my buddies roommate

he tried to tell me the big 3 networks news cast were conservatives, because george w would never let news anchors be liberals???

anyone else have stories about arguing with complete idiots on either side of the party lines????

its amazing how clueless many people are

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what im saying in this post is.......

have you ever been somewhere and had argument with a complete idiot lately????

if so what did he say?

what was the dumb ass comments he/ she would say in the argument???

just wanna know cause i have these kind of things happen all the time. when i am arguing with people who think they know because they watched the 6 o'clock local news and now think they are political commentators!

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I wasn't talking to you patty bates

I think the dumbest political argument will always be the one over taxes..

I love how liberals think that it's ok to ask the wealthiest americans to contribute more than thier fair share or more than what others are contributing with out ASKING THEM.... it's goddamn socialism.

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i have met people who actually think that republicans raise taxes and democrats cut taxes...swear to god

and i have met people who think all the democrats are actually regular people and are not people from money

i swear for years the democrats did one hell of a job of brainwashing the average person into thinking what they think

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