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all of the above...plus on a veggie platter with dip i like broccoli, zuccinni and mushrooms....my dad used to eat scallions raw with his dinner sometimes...just crack a few off, peel them and chew...lol...idk about all that but i like them chopped up in my salad sometimes...

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Originally posted by fliptoniaaa

im gonna die young...the only veggies i eat r fries!!!!!!!!!!!

and corn ever now and then...i wish i would like it more...but veggies just dont get along with my tate buds, and i do try to eat them!!!!!

do your kids try to make you eat them? i hated it when mine did th- o, wait...

jk :D !

p.s. i'd like to see some more pics of the little ones, when you get a chance :) .

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