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Should I be doing more ??

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I've been going to the gym since the 1st week in January.....I pretty much haven't slacked at all so far....I'm beginning to see somewhat of a difference but I don't know if I'm not doing enough or what I should add to maybe see results a little quicker

I work my abs 3 days....1 day ab class....2 days machine & crunches @ home

1 day a week I take a 1 hr. class....Alternating between kickboxing/cardio....pilates.....aerobics/kickboxing ect.

2 days I do weights & cardio.....1 day bicepts & back .....1 day tricepts/chest/shoulders...I've been adding weight about every 2 weeks or so...Whenever I feel my body getting used to the weight & I do 4 sets 6 reps.....Cardio I switch up...I do no more than 35 min. no less than 20

I'm really not trying to do anything drastic....I want to maintain the weight I'm at now but I just want to tone......I know this all takes time but I feel like I'm barely getting any results....Am I doing something wrong/or not doing something I should be ???

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So are you just working out 3 days per week??? 1 day of class and 2 days of wieghts???? If so, probably not.

As far as adding weights. That should not be determined by days or weeks, but by you as an individual. You should push yourself each workout (actually each set) to a point of failure. If you can get the last rep of each set easily, then you need to add weight. This may be adding wieght every set or every workout or it could be slower than that.

It seems like you are missing legs in your training and shoulders could be seperated from chest and tris.

And keep in mind, it does not matter how many crunches you do, if you have a layer of fat over your stomach you will never see them.


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