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Making bets with the Supernatural?

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Do you ever go to do something, and then stop and make a "deal" in your mind with some kind of supernatural being? For example, you make a bet to yourself that if you do something, you will have a good day.. But if you don't do that particular thing, something bad may happen, so you force yourself to do it?

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Originally posted by dgmodel

lol yeah... ever make deals with GOD??? "PLS GOD let me X, and ill do X, or help me through this and ill do this..."

:laugh: God let me.... & I'll never ask for anything ever again!

I think he knows I'm lying so nothing ever goes my way :blank:

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Originally posted by phatman

...just out of curiosity, are the people that said they do catholic?...

...to answer the question - i do not...

Yes, I'm Catholic.. I make these "deals" with God, but I use the term "supernatural beings" just in case one doesnt't believe in Him.

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...true...i was just thinking about how catholicism has thing with making "deals"...like confession and hail-maries...lol...like, you can do all this crap but if you do your penance you will be cleansed...ofcourse it's not the only religion that does this...i was just a-wonderin...

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