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Here's one thing that the U.S. and Middle Eastern Nations have in Common..


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Originally posted by mr mahs

Have you ever been beaten or hung for not believing in Jesus?

If not, then your argument's peg leg just fell off jack!

Actually most fundamentalist islamic nations exempt non-muslisms from Sharia Law, unlike the united states, where our government is actually usuing our tax dollars to fight to keep "Under God" in the pledge.

Your arguments are weak and childish, just like every backwoods bush fan there is out there.

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In this age, it's somewhat obvious that not that many people are showing up to mass/synagogue, etc...

But america is still a country with values, and very religious in the midwest/south. It's in the statistics. Just go look it up

The thing is, when it comes to what to do with murderers, we shed our religion and whip out the electricity.

It;s just another example of hypocrisy in this world that i noticed :half:

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no, but I don't recall US law being decided by a 2000 year old fundamentalist religious text.

the US constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment.

I believe the death penalty falls under that catagory.

the US claims to be christian, but was the holocaust your country inflicted on indo-china an act of people behaving as christ would?

would jesus be praising the people sending B52s to bomb a country back to the stone age? or would jesus be protesting, or would jesus be like me, travelling around the world, meeting people, talking, listening, learning, arguing, trying to get in a position to be able to make a difference to the world, to get rid of the corrupt empire from where it is not wanted.


yeah, death penalty is not christian, I mean, jesus would have been around a bit longer without it... perhaps the world would have been a better place for it, if he actually managed to set up the church he wanted...

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