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Women of Wal - Mart


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Originally posted by candyrollx69

YEah, but she's got better toes than some pornstars so she's good

i know what you mean but... if you ask me... but why show them in the picture.. why not just cut them out

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God DAYUUUMMMMM! What in the WORLD ever made her end up workin' at Wal-Mart??? The first one I mean. The 2nd, while not smokin', is definitely pretty hot if you consider her coworkers' point of view. heheh...

But, the first one..... yum to the yum to the YUM!! And she may have a little pooch, but I frickin' like it! As well as the rest of her curves. And yer right bullseye, face and HAIR got it goin' ON!! Nice.

originally posted by fkornre

i bet u i can beat her in a game of chess...

I bet if I played her in chess.... I could beat myself. :jerkoff:;)

... funk... out.

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