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who broke this?


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Originally posted by bullseye

did u ever break a piece of furniture while having sex? I broke a coffee table once.

A bed frame.... shit got out of hand...

I was jumping on him.. he was jumping on me -- Boom bam!!

It was soo funny when it happen... we stopped for a second

but then continued... :)

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Was fuckin' in/on a recliner once, and she said, "Get up" and pushed me off... she stood up, turned around and laid back on the recliner and said, "I want you to fuck me in the ass! RIGHT... NOW!!"

You KNOW I obliged. ;)

So, as I was now on top of her again, from behind... and penetrating her tight ass, we were now apparently more top heavy than before, and as I continued to bury deep, and push for more and more entry, we soon toppled the recliner over backwards (forwards to us)... and heading faces first, we knocked over a speaker stack, ficas tree and a kinda 'spensive glass vase!

Got a chuckle for sure... but, after getting up (without cutting ourselves on glass), we just headed to the couch and finished where we left off. :D My subconscious was like, "Fuck... I paid a lot for that vase. :( " But, my heart, dick and overall being was like, "Vase? What're talking about?! Did you just FEEL what her tight ass felt like, MF'er!!!??? GET BACK IN THERE, MANG!!!" :laugh:

Still the funniest/hottest experience between her and I. lol...

... funk... out.

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