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Need help in purchasing a new mixer....

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i've been djing for almost 15 years and i've tried most brands, but i would definetly choose the urei 1620 over any other, but since they are no longer in stock, i'd go for the rane mp 2016. it has almost the same design and durability, i've had it in my club for the last 2 1/2 years without any sign of wear or fail. its just very reliable.

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Between the 500, 600, and 3000, I like the 500 most. The layout on the 500 and 600 is almost identical, but the features and feel of the channel faders are a little different.


The channel faders on the 500 have a tighter feel (which I prefer), you have to manually adjust the BPM effects with one of the dials on the right side (which I don't like), and there is no depth control for the effects (which I also don't like). It goes for between $750-$900


The 600 has all the effects that the 500 has, but it also has a sampler, effect depth control, and buttons that will automatically adjust the BPM settings for the effects (like the EFX500). It also has an adjustable crossfader, which is pretty important if you scratch. It goes for about a grand.

I like the layout on the 500 and 600 because the controls are spaced out, the knobs are big, and the effects are easy to use.


The 3000 is laid out like a typical 19 inch rack mixer, the EQ knobs are a lot closer together and smaller than the 500/600. The individual channel faders are loose like the 600, but can be swapped out with rotary faders. The rotary faders on the 3000 are loose too, and i really don't like them. The 3000 has all the features of the 600 except the sampler. It goes for between $750-$900 as well.

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