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"Frankie is a cutter"

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What a f'd up real world last night, I feel bad for Francis...

Lets get it back to Brad yelling at his chick to " Pack her fucking shit, i'm taking you to the airport...

Or Ja the bootieologist smelling the indoor/outdoor rug to see if "someone said hello to that kitty, and I don't mean the one on her shirt"

Or Big Ran hooking up w/ chicks w/ a fake tooth..

Or Big tits punching someone, then telling Big Ran she hates them and start to cry then laugh.. (weirdo)

Or Jamie, doing nothing at all.

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Originally posted by xlr8ted

The sexual assault should be coming up soon...

What are you talking about?...the alleged rape or whatever? I don't think any of that will be part of the show. Didn't that happen one night when they had a party or some shit?


(No more questions for now)

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Originally posted by nomembername

Oh, one more thing...so I don't get it, MTV just sits around and tapes this shit while this girl is cutting herself or whatever?


i caught the show last night...that wanna be punk rocker chick is needs a check with reality...attention whore

Every time i see this season she is balling about her systic fibrosis and how everything she does effects it, to try to get attention...how about this, stop smoking retard. Trying to get people to feel sorrry for you wouldnt work with me when you friggin smoke with that disease. And how about how she just happened to walk in front of someone else and a camera and "accidently" drop the knife. Then when they try to confront her about it she is smiling and almost laughing. Chick needs to be locked away with 4 padded walls....

This show is anything but "the real world." You wanna tape The Real World? Make someone live in an appartment, make them pay the bills and rent, make them find a job on their own. Putting a bunch of stuck up kids in a mansion on the beach and giving them an easy job is anything but "the real world."

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Originally posted by Mystify22

what sexual assault?!?

poor frankie, i feel bad for the girl, attention-whore or not, she's still got a lot of problems :(

there is a sexual assault that took place at the house while the show was being taped but it didnt involve any of the cast or crew, so i doubt they'll have anything in the show about it...there was a little article in the local paper about it a while back because the black guy lives here in Va Beach with his family now

the only problems she has are brought on by herself...she's that type of person who likes any kind of attention, even if its negative...the whole systic fibrosys thing has to suck, but anyone thats moronic enough to smoke with that disease i feel no sorrow for

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Originally posted by nocfgs

I am sorry but you are all pathetic if you watch someone's life other than yours. And then you all come to CP and make a thread about this shit. LAME.

...no need to be sorry, america's infatuation with reality tv and vicarious living is an established problem...but i would tread these waters carefully if you chose the path of being condescending...judge ye not lest ye be judged...just make sure you're ass is prepared to back it up, that's all...

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