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Originally posted by bxbomb

7 shut out innings 9 strikeouts 2 ks of Barry BOnds wow!!

Any body deep down inside wanted him to get lit up ??

i did:tongue:

oh well good luck anyway roger

I definitely wanted to see him get lit up.. sorry but I'm mad about Clemens decision.

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Originally posted by vicman

i wanted clemens to bean barry and have barry go charging the mound. maybe next time.

Gotta give Barry props, he's classier than that... he doesnt usually charge the mound... he knows the stakes...but just for yakkin sakes, if Clem threw at his noggin, you can bet on it..its not gonna be a chicken shit walk-away-yakkin kinda situation... Barry would kick his ass hands down :laugh: :laugh: Clem knows better. But then again, Barry has enuff on his plate, i doubt he would do anything extreme at this point with the everything and everybody breathing down his neck... I predict he will have a stellar year just to spite his critics/accusers. GO Barry !! its yours to lose. :aright:

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