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Top 50 Chart for 5-11 April 2004


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Hear samples for all the tracks listed below at www.rezrec.com

TW-LW Artist Title Label (Country) Genre


1-1 Kylie Minogue Red Blooded Woman Parlophone (ENG) Mainstream House

Narcotic Thrust transform this electro-flavoured followup to "Slow" into a peak-time platform for Kylie's playful vocal

2-5 Trinity f/Revi Where Love Is Anonymous (USA) Mainstream House

Bigroom house track with Junior Vasquez at the helms to keep the crowd growing all night

3-6 Stonebridge Put Em High Hed Kandi (ENG) Garage Vocal House

Classy vocal houser from a veteran producer on the label that knows stylish house like no other, remixes from Steve Angello and Axwell

4-8 Kristine W Save My Soul Tommy Boy (USA) Mainstream House

Followup to "Fly Again" with mixes from Gabriel & Dresden, Junior Vasquez and Mike Cruz to keep the diva in full view

5-9 Sarah McLachlan Fallen Arista (ENG) Progressive House

Gabriel & Dresden and Satoshi Tomiie on the mix for this haunting vocal tour de force

6-4 4 Strings Back To Basics Liquid (BNX) Anthemic Trance

4 Strings show their darker side with this techier, punchier trance production in both vocal and non-vocal versions

7-15 Blank & Jones Mind Of The Wonderful Gang Go (GER) Anthemic Trance

Stunning bigroom melodic trancer from these German masters with the vocalist from Perpetuous Dreamer enchanting the angels, mixes by Hiver & Hammer, Re:Locate and RMB take the track to the next level.

8-14 DJ Vibe I'll Take You Twisted (USA) Tribal House

Dark driving tribal monster with growling male vocals for the nastier bigrooms

9-12 Niels van Gogh One Way Out BXR (ITA) Anthemic Trance

Stunning vocal trance release with a solid remix by Martin Eyerer on the flip

10-2 George Michael Amazing Sony (ENG) Garage Vocal House

80s icon returns with a solid pop track given the smooth house treatment by Full Intention and Jack & Rory

11-16 Skylark That's More Like Credence (ENG) Underground House

Another funky bigroom house masterpiece from Credence, with the DJ Pierre mixes on disc 2

12-3 Delerium Truly Nettwerk (USA) Anthemic Trance, Progressive House

Signum, Infusion and Brother Brown rework this latest gem for all kinds of bigroom floors

13-21 ATB Marrakech Kontor (GER) Anthemic Trance

Andre going on a bit of a progressive tip with this smooth, flowing yet energetic new single featuring a haunting female vocal

14-7 Antoine Clamaran Self Control Ambassade (FRA) Tech House

Laura Brangian's 80s smash is the basis for this peak time instrumental tech-tribal house monster

15-25 Agnelli & Nelson Holding On To Nothing Xtravaganza (ENG) Anthemic Trance

Gorgeous UK trancer with angelic melodies and stunning female vocals, Paul van Dyk provides a mix for the German edition

16-10 Iio Smooth 541 (BNX) Anthemic Trance, Progressive House

Third single for the creators of "Rapture" features a stunning trance reworking from Airbase on the flip, US edition add mixes from Pig & Dan, Blackwatch and Steve Porter

17-18 Nirvana Lithium 2004 White (ENG) Progressive House

Dirty Funker on the bootleg tip with both full vocal and dub reworkings of this grunge classic

18-28 Janet Jackson Just A Little While Virgin (USA) Mainstream House

Peter Rauhofer rework's the lead single from "Damita Jo" for the bigrooms while Maurice Joshua classes it up for the underground

19-11 Astrid Suryanto Rainwater Strata (USA) Progressive House, Tribal House

Astrid's haunting vocals pair with Victor Calderone & That Kid Chris' production to heat up the bigrooms with their dark, seductive work while Solu Music takes care of the lounges and Optika the progressive house rooms

20-13 Britney Spears Toxic Jive (USA) Mainstream House, Underground House

Armand van Helden and Lenny Betoldo on cleanup duty for Britney's latest emission

21-27 Philippe B Moved On You Electron (FRA) Tech House

Vocal and synth samples from Yaz' classic "Don't Go" given the French bigroom tech house treatment with help from Antoine Clamaran

22-19 Kelis Trick Me Virgin (ENG) Underground House

Basement Jaxx don't need any white rabbits for their magic to work on this funky followup to "Milkshake"

23-24 Basic J The Drums WL (BNX) Tribal House

As the title suggests, this is a rhythm heavy tribal track of the first degree - massive congas

24-30 Martin Over Solar (ENG) Progressive House

Pumpy bigroom progressive monster with remixes by Inkfish and Da Nada

25-32 Willy Washington f/Jazmina It Ain't Easy Defected (ENG) Underground House

Hands-in the air vocal house monster as Defected launches its Summer 2004 campaign with mix from Rasmus Faber and Mentor

26-17 Mac Quayle f/Donna DeLory The Hurting DeeVee (USA) Mainstream House

Donna's solid vocals gives the stage to shine with Mac's solid bigroom house production

27-34 Blue Amazon No Other Love 2004 Direction (ENG) Anthemic Trance

Darren Tate reworks the mid-90s trance classic for peak hour sets in the new millenium

28-20 Paul van Dyk f/Second Sun Crush Mute (USA) Anthemic Trance

Another masterpiece from the German trance uberlord with a rock-ish male vocal over a stunning instrumental composition

29-22 JX Restless Tidy Two (ENG) Hard Dance

Breathy female vocal hooks paired with mixes ranging from Matt Silvers ode to the angel to Guyver's devilish hi-octane hard dance production

30-36 Midway Amazon In Trance We Trust (BNX) Anthemic Trance

Dutch instrumentat trance masterpiece with remixes by Sander van Doorn, Mesh and Plastic Angel

31-NEW Oceanlab Satellite Euphonic (GER) Anthemic Trance

Tabove & Beyond take this vocal masterpiece to the angels, Markus Schulz puts the progheads in orbit on the flip

32-37 House Of Glass Freakin Egoiste (GER) Underground House

German disco-tinged house with a sassy female vocal and a solid remix by Bini & Martini

33-41 ATFC f/Inaya Day Mine Onephatdeeva (ENG) Mainstream House

Funky disco-tinged house monster from Aydin with Ms Day doing her thing to perfection

34-NEW Gus Gus David 2004 Underwater (ENG) Underground House

New Tim Deluxe mixes that were the toast of Miami revive this smash from the Icelandic group

35-23 Todd Gardner f/Shawnee Taylor The Only One Sondos (USA) Tribal House

Massive tribal house monster with hands-in-the-air diva vocal to boot

36 43 Milk & Sugar Get Down Stay Down Milk & Sugar (GER) Tech House

The boys trade in their disco balls for a darker, techier sound with sassy vocal hooks and sharper production

37-NEW Kentish Man She's An Easy Lover Evidenz (FRA) Mainstream House

Phil Collins & Philip Bailey's late 80s pop classic given the French tech house workover for bigroom bliss

38-NEW Room 5 U Got Me Noise (BNX) Underground House

Sexy new single that samples the synth hook from Studio 54's classic "Freakin"

39-31 Outkast Ghetto Music [bootleg] White (ENG) Tech House

The much in demande Benny Benassi rerub now pressed to wax in a limited bootleg

40-NEW Praise Cats Sing Subliminal Soul (USA) Garage Vocal House Classy vocal houser with an inspirational message behind the smooth, silky production

41-26 Chakra I Am 2004 Boss (ENG) Anthemic Trance, Tech House

Mid-90s trance forerunner gets reworked by Above & Beyond for the angels and Steve Murano for those tech-tinged devils

42-39 Sun Decade Follow You Euphonic (GER) Anthemic Trance

Gorgeous vocal trance release with haunting melodies and solid remixes from Ronski Speed and Kyau vs Albert

43-NEW Basement Jaxx Plug It In XL (ENG) Underground House

Arman van Helden turns on the juice for this funky new single from the Jaxx, Roger Sanchez' 2004 mix of "Rendez-Vu" on flip a nice bonus

44-47 YOMC Pump It Overdose (GER) Anthemic Trance

Overdoes goes more melodic with this hands-in-the-air bigroom anthemic production

45-29 Meat Katie vs Christian J Turn Me Out Kingsize (ENG) Tech House

Pumping breaks-tinged bigroom tech house with those famous Kathy Brown vocal hooks and mixes by D Ramirez and District

46-NEW Mr Timothy f/Inaya Day I Am Tha 1 Confidential (ITA) Mainstream House

Inaya sets the record clear on this bigroom vocal house stomper, E-Smoove funks it up on the flip

47-50 Bini & Martini Say Yes 2004 Azuli (ENG) Mainstream House

The Beginnerz and Wally Lopez rework this classic vocal house monster for the new season

48-33 Coldplay God (Put A Smile On Your Face) [bootleg mix] White (ENG) Underground House

Bootleg house mixes of the latest pop single work a treat on the funky house floors

49-NEW Rapid Eye Santa Cruz Trance Communications (BNX) Anthemic Trance

Stunning Dutch instrumental trance bliss from the creators of the monster "Circa Forever"

50-38 Outfunk Lost In Music White (FRA) Tech House

Richard Grey and DJ Flex on the remix for this funky, floor-shaking French vocal tech house gem

OUT-35 Vinnie Troia Emergency Oval (USA) Progressive House

Jenna Jamieson vocal samples spice up this seductive, dark progressive house monster

OUT-40 Paul Jackson f/Steve Smith The Push Underwater (USA) Progressive House

Wally Lopez' rework is simply amazing - perhaps this year's "Days Go By"...

OUT-42 Katana One Solid Wave Reset (BNX) Anthemic Trance

Tech-trance monster from the Netherlands already dominating the buzz charts with its driving energetic production

OUT-44 Ofra Haza Love Song 2004 Club Elite (BNX) Progressive House

Mesmerizing progressive-trance hybrid with the late Ofra's haunting vocals worked to perfection, MIKE mix on the flip adds a melodic counterpoint

OUT-45 Darryl Pandy Dancin 2004 Darkness (FRA) Mainstream House

Laurent Wolf with the powerhouse remix that matches perfectly with Darryl's driving soulful vocal performance

OUT-46 Antoine Clamaran Zoo Congos (FRA) Tech House

More techy shenanigans from one of France's biggest producers and remixers

OUT-48 Calanit If You Come Back Ultra (USA) Mainstream House

Chris Cox and Mike Rizzo on the mix for this breezy bigroom vocal houser

OUT-49 Rank 1 It's Up To You (Symsonic) Kontor (GER) Anthemic Trance

Dutch trance masters return with another shimmering vocal house production in time for the New Year, DuMonde on the remix for the angels

Future Hits

Anastacia Left Outside Alone Time (ITA) Mainstream House

Ceevox Believe In Me Voice Of Underground (ITA) Mainstream House

Vascotia Calibro Somatic Sense (BNX) Anthemic Trance

Morillo, Nunez & Romero p/Jessica Eve Dancin 2004 Subliminal (USA) Underground House

Moloko Bootleg Remix EP White (ENG) Mainstream House, Anthemic Trance

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Originally posted by mades32388

Can you give me the URL of the location where you can see the top 50 chart - I can't seem to find it?

Chart is at our website www.rezrec.com - click on "Resurrection Records Top 50 Chart for week of 5-11 April 2004" at the bottom center of the front page.

Soundsamples can be found on the product pages for each title, accessed by clicking the format next to the title and label info for each track on the chart page.

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