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DJ HeavyGrinder (Cyber Groove, CA/NYC) MIX!!!


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DJ HeavyGrinder (Cyber Groove, CA/NYC) MIX!!!

Click the links below to hear Cali Hottest female (Skills and looks) DJ. Playing all around the country and throughout Cali including the MySpace.com party in LA. She holds it down and comes correct whether she is modeling or DJing...this girl has what it takes to make it big. Show some respect to the one that goes by DJ HeavyGrinder. For full bio go to http://www.geocities.com/cybergroovenyc/talent/hg.htm (The Cyber

Groove HeavyGrinder Site.)

To Stream this selection of audio click this link then click on DJ mixes. You will have a choice to hear House or Drum and Bass from DJ HeavyGrinder (Cyber Groove, CA/NYC). Respect!!


Copy and Paste full link into address bar to download a house set by DJ HeavyGrinder (Cyber Groove,CA/NYC)


Copy and Paste full link into address bar to download a Drum and Bass set by DJ HeavyGrinder (Cyber Groove, CA/NYC)


And be sure to check Cyber Groove Productions (info below) out for all happenings in the Drum and Bass scene, club scene, and car show scene that matter in NYC and the rest of the east coast and also to book DJ HeavyGrinder for an event you may be doing!

Cyber Groove Productions



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