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Sullivan Room/ Uncle Mings afterhrs...


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So Joemama, Kaydup, Cook, the twins and myself left Boston around 7pm or so and headed down to Nyc... After 2 reststops and 3 bags of beef jerky , we arrived in the Big Apple, found a garage and we all changed in the bathroom and headed over to the Sullivan room.... We walked quite a ways, but come to find out, we walked around the block and Sullivan Room was just a few doors down from the Parking Garage..haha We walked into the club around 11or so w/ no problem, thanks to the GF boys..

The music was on point all evening, the groovefire boys did great as usual.. It was my second time seeing Eli and Porter live, and they ripped it again.. If your looking for tracklisting, ask howie.. The place was pumped up all night, floor was jammed w/ people bumpin and grindin and I was doing the truffle shuffle from time to time....

Met up w/ someclown and Nycchic, had a few drinks and shared quiet a few memories about our days at Circa, it was great meeting you. When we're back down there, you'll def be notified asap..!!!! Also it was nice to finally meet aztec, it was having someone witness someone down my drink on me..hahah

Onto the afterhrs, we getted dropped off in the middle of Chinatown, and thought we were lost.... But we checked the card and it we were at the joint... Get in the elevator and up to floor 3, where we were greeted by a whole host of great/nice/non shady guys... We see groove, his girl and a few others sittinn in the back so K, the twins and I sit and gather our thoughts on where we were... It took me about 2 minutes to venture that we were in the middle of it all, one wrong move and you know youe next seat was in the hudson... Place was really nice, they served some drinks, but had no mixer for Groovefire to play, so they were just putting in CDs.... Took one trip to the bathroom and this is where it gets great, they have different little rooms w/ all Asian people singing Karoke, and who knows what else, quite funny... We leave the afterhrs and Kaydup asks one the the great/nice/non shady guys " what goes on here" after we had been there for about 2 hrs... The great/nice/non shady guy asks Kaydup if hes a cop and gets on the elevator w/ us, and sacred the shit outta me, I thought we were done for!!!!! But he let us go w/ both knee caps in check..

We know head over tp porters to listen to some African Candian records :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Then from there we drove home....

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

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Werd. We had a great time. The vibe in that place was awesome, and the music was so funky-fresh I almost couldn't take it! Disco, house, and a lil' Humpty-Hump thrown in for good measure. Nice to meet you Icycle. :)

I dunno about the afterhrs. place, tho... "Non-shady", my left ass cheek!! But the decor was very 2021...I had the most fun trying to figure out how to get to the bathroom (where there were really two quasi-hot skinny chicks blowing lines off each other's stomachs! Really!) , with all those secret rooms and mirrors. That was fun. And they also thought my cousin's bf was a cop. Holy shakedown, Batman! And thanks for letting us crash, Groove and 36. BTW...either somebody put all that beer in your car, or somebody stole an almost-full 30 pack from right under our noses as we were standing on the sidewalk outside the hotel!

But anyways...I'm really glad we went. We also did a lil' Canal St. shopping the nest day and I now am rockin the best pink "Prada" bag in the world right now, thanks to the "non-shady" vendors who asked so nicely if I would like them to change the label on the purse from "Pagoda" to "Prada"...duh, ummmm, yeah!! It was such perfect strolling weather, too. So nice and sunny, like a Phil Collins song, jackets were not required. I had a great time. Let's do it again, soon!

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:laugh: :laugh: Dont even know where to begin....Great time all around, music was def on point all night long..

Def good time chillin with the Mayor and sue..

Too many beef jerky stops..

The best is when I said that in the same sentence I looked at X and said what the fuck am I saying:laugh: :laugh:

"Howie this is the kinda place where u look in a room and next thing you know your strung up by your toes" Sweet!! sounds fun :laugh: :laugh:

Porter ripping Maurice Star records at 8am :laugh:

:mad: :mad: :mad: I def didnt see girls ripping lines off eachother, I would have stayed then:mad:

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Oh man, I was laughing all day yesterday thinking about that afterhrs.....

E-Hanna..." I guess this is someguys apartment, if this is his bachelor pad, he's def getting laid"..

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

D:rew looks in one of the windows in the booth and freaks out.. he said he was waiting for one of the nice/non shady guys to come up to him and say " Whats did you see go on in there"....:laugh:

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