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NBA Who is coming out from the West


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Who is going to the finals from the west

Spurs? booooooooring


Mavs all that offense but wheres the D

TWolves who are deep but dont have the experience

Kings choking more times than the bills

Lakers with the statement kobe made yesterday

theyre in turmoil

So who is winning the west

honestly i wouldnt put money on anyone until the seeds are known

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If Chris Webber regains his form and a healthy bench... the sacramento 'queens' will finally clinch it... i got my $$ on them. To me they are the most balanced and consistent team out west. They always come close only to choke down the stretch... not this year, and they know the window is closing fast.

My sleeper team is the Timberwolves :D

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last year, kevin garnett had that great "damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn,damn , damn, damn, damn" speech after they got eliminated the 1st round. i wonder what'd he do for an encore if the t-wolves actually went the 1st round. even though i think they're getting to the 2nd. i just don't see them being able to beat the lakers, the queens or the spurs. i pick the lakers coming from the west. :D

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Even though they are going through all this controversy, I say L.A. with the type of team they have. Phil should play GP and Karl alot more than they did in the regular season. If that is the case, I say the Lakers no doubt.

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ehhhh..as tough as this is to say....i dont think my kings r makin it out of the west. web threw their chemistry off...and unless he gets his shit together..theyre not goin anywhere.

i think the spurs r comin out again. i also think that anyone can beat anyone in the Western Conf. seeds 1-8 are sick sick teams..so i wouldnt be surprised if we have a power or 2 eliminated in the first round at the hands of the nuggets and memphis

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