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Which guy on CP is the hottest???


WHo is the hottest guy on CP???  

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  1. 1. WHo is the hottest guy on CP???

    • Gabo (the mod has to be on the list :P)
    • bullseye
    • silverbull
    • flip
    • darrelG
    • djjon
    • fineones
    • i<3dgmodel
    • apples
    • bbboom

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the choices above do not necessarily represent my idea of hot guys :tongue:, they were just selected because they are pretty active on this and other forums.......anyone i left out will be on the next poll..........so GET OVER IT!!!! :tongue:

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Guest gabo
Originally posted by sexxyh

all these girl threads im gonna start a guy thread make them feel like pieces of meat!!:tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

so I am on it just cause I am a mod ehh? hmmmmmmm

well I guess I might as well vote fo rmyself, my first and only vote.:D

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i've never seen bullseye or bbbooom, and my former cp crush ain't on the list :no: !!!

p.s. to sexxyh: if we were to go by ONLY personality, would you have posted a different list (no offense to anyone, just wondering if the list was posted because most of the guys on it have posted their pics)?

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Guest gabo
Originally posted by Mystify22

I need to see more pics though, I fee like guys never really post any ;)

hmmm I don't have any.

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