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Em over new Mobb Deep`

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Last night, Tues. on Green Lantern's 2 hour show he played what sounded like a freestyle from em and it was over the new hard mobb deep beat thats out their new single, the one thats always on the radio.....anyway i was hoping someone was listening to it and knows that im tlakin about...Proff is in the back sayin somethin like "d-12 we got the chedda no one can do it betta" and em is rappin about bush then he says like i can rap in a diff. language.... was within the first 20 mins of the show around 12:20 a little past midnight let me know, graci

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i thought Proff ripped it...and Em was definitely on point...here's his verse on it...it's over the Mobb Deep's Got It Twisted beat

credits to Logikal Accord @ HF

I done figured this rap shit out, I map shit out strategically

Timing is everything and that seems to be the key

To my success, I've murked (???) repeatedly

(.........???........) and beat MC's

Timing is everything and that seems to be the key

Let them diss you first and respond immediately

In order to master the art of war, don't start a war

Shit not no more, we done scared them off, there are no more,

Victems to sicc, I'm fixing to pick some and start shit

Ain't got no pictures to rip, and shit to throw darts at

Ain't got no more targets, shit Irv and Jeff?

We done beat them to death, Benzino went deaf

There seems to just be no one left...

...to bully, Bush is pussy

Why the fuck you think his name's bush, puss is bushy

Ain't shit going on, shit I've been getting so bored lately

I'm thinking of doing some shit to get you to go and hate me again

Tell the truth, I liked the shit better then

Shit I could spit better, I'm bout to kick that sick shit again

Look, the game just ain't the same, it changes

Shit, Dre's quitting, Jay's quitting, now it's just wanksters

Just singing the same shit, it's fake and it's ancient

It's making me so bored I'ma just make a new language

Fobba U Covacover, Ova U upper uber

Uba can suckba my dadick, thru a tube-a

Summa them knew my lama,

I'm not a human, I'm a suicidal supersonic suicidal unibomber

You think Im the new Osama, press thinks I'm the new Madonna

Jeffrey Dahmer left me with his legacy to carry on

A lotta talk and rumors on us, who's the hottest, to be honest

Hiphop ain't been the same since Tupac moved to Cuba on us...

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