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For quite possibly the funniest thing ever...I don't know if any of you have seen this already and honestly, I don't give a fuck if you did.

Here is a link of some guy dressed like a chicken and you can command him to do anything you want. It's so fucking hysterical but at the same time kind of disturbing.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


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Guest gabo
Originally posted by fkornre

its kinda shitty...i told him to stick his finger up his ass and he didnt...i also asked him to kick a hole in the wall and fuck it and he didnt do that either...

I told him to run up to the camera, he did it, I dold him to throw the lamp at the wall, he didnt do it. so I told him if I ever see him crossing the road I wont brake

so whats the deal is it a live video or something? sexxybaby asked him to do the electric slide and I saw him do the slide, at least I think it was... one person should ask him to do something and see if we all see it.

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Guest gabo

I aksed him to lay an egg, he squatted but couldnt lay one... so I am starting to think this really isnt a real chicken

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Guest gabo

I am trying to get him to beat himself up

so far I have him smacking the crap outta his face... I am still trying to get him to put his head through the wall

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