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Who is the WORST rapper ever on the radio??

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Originally posted by djprotege

Clipse??? NOooooooooooooooooooo way...theres far much worse.

Last time I heard they were rhymin about how the can get this one and that one's girl. Or how much money they got. Or that they're rides have rims....OK....and so f*ckin what???!!!! This is real real bad rap to me:

LYRICS from "Grindin"

[Malice overlapping last

line of Chorus]

Patty cake, patty cake, I'm the baker's man

I bake

them cakes as fast as I can

And you can tell by how my bread stack up


disguised in this rap so the feds back up

Watch it, like my whip, like my

chick, topless

Doing a buck-six with me in the cockpit

Grindin' cousin, I

got pot for a dozen

Even eleven-5, if I see ya keep it comin'

And my

weight, that's just as heavy as my name

So much dough, I can't swear I won't


Excuse me if my wealth got me full of myself

Cocky, something that

I just can't help

'Specially when them 20's is spinning like windmills


the ice 32 below minus the wind chill

Filthy, the word that best defines


I'm just grinding man, y'all nevermind


Hmmmm...were did Clipse have cousin's in the industry or something? How did they ever get signed??

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well ya hit a nerve with me because i am good friends with them ;)

because they arent "gangster enough" they suck? if thats what your basing your judgement on, then you've got a lot to learn...maybe you dont understand what he is saying about patty-cake and being the baker man

99.9% of rap these days is about cars, cash, and women...if your using that as your basis for judgement, then you must think a lot of people suck

and they got into hip-hop through the neptunes...they are all from here in va beach...clipse had always been a well known local talent, met pharrell and chad, they signed them to their label, star trak and the rest is history...clipse is actually being dropped from star trak in the near future as well as kelis

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Originally posted by promotionsgirl

OK...here goes mine...

* CHINGY takes 1st place. lol

Also, Clipse and Fabolous.


Is this kid serious :confused: Fabolous? WoW You gotta be kiddin' me Fab is bananas, I guess you havent heard his new cd or any of his new mixtape shit...Fab's been hott since he came out on the first clue cd sorry pal. He's holdin' the whole BK down right now...I dont know who else thinks Fab is one of the worst rappers ever on the radio but I sure as hell know he's not, simple as that!

"Soo watch what you say to the Crackers, I'll put a couple G's on your head like you play for the Packers"

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Sorry guys...I just see zero intelligence or originality in their rhymes. They got big heads with not much to show for it...lyrically. I haven't heard ALL of fab's tracks...but I wouldn't care to, because I thinking he is a horrible rapper. That retarded-rap is just that...retarded.

If you want to go with the norm...


Cash Money Clique

Vanilla Ice

Shaq (Don't think he ever made it to radio)


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Theres no way in hell that Fabolous is one of the worst rappers. I think you need to go out and buy his street dreams 2 cd and just listen to it and come back and post a new thread about how Fab is up there at the top....the man is nasty always has a dope beat to rap over, always spits fire, I dont knwo how anyone could see him all the way at the bottom and theres no way u can compare him with horrible fuckin people like chingy, j-kwon, nelly and some other garbage rappers. But whatever opinions are like assholes everyones got em! :cool:

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i do not think nelly is a bad rapper i actually think he is kind of good

now im no thug from the ghetto and im sure none of you are either so i guess i have no "street credit" on knowing what is "good" rap but im just a white boy from ohio who thinks nelly comes up with the hottest hooks and coolest rymes?? call me crazy but i think clipse is sweet as fuck as well

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Every single one that u hear on commercial radio... has anybody really ever listened to how bad Jkwon's tipsy lrics are... my 9 year old cousin can do better.. Rap has gone down the tubes... the only exceptions i see are any premier produced artist.. any old "Rawkus Records" rappers (Mos Def, Talib, Monch) and Jay Z, Eminem, and Kanye West

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