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Make Your Team's 2004 NFL Draft Prediction!


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Okay. So I finally took some time and did some research and decided to make my first annual NFL Draft Prediction thread. Anyone is welcomed to post their prospective team's selections. Feel free to be creative, make trades, be the GM for your team. This is supposed to be fun, but please, make it realistic to team needs, draft position and player availability. Also, please post a brief explanation as to why your drafting that player. In case you have no idea what postion your team will be drafting in, you can visit the NFL Draft Tracker.. www.nfl.com

Miami Dolphins 2004 NFL Draft

Team Needs: OL, WR, S, DE, DT

NOTE: The Dolphins will trade Adewale Ogunleye to the Bears for Chicago's Second Round Pick, OL Aaron Gibson and a conditional pick in the 2005 NFL Draft.


Miami (20th overall): All indication is that the Fins will further solidify their depleted offensive line - especially at the tackle position which is in shambles. Despite the fact that the Fins have made the OL a priority during the offseason, doesnt negate the fact that it's still a pending issue. Speilman has also made it clear should another quality player be available with the pick, he would make no quams about selecting him. OT Shawn Andrews is the targeted pick at No. 20 for the Fins, however, there is some indication that he might not be available because Pittsburgh, NYJ, Buffalo and even San Francisco have all shown interest in him.

With this pick the Miami Dolphins will trade the pick to Philly.. swap first rounders and Miami will recieve the Eagles second round draft pick. The Eagles will select RB Steven Jackson OSU.

Miami (28th overall) will select WR Lee Evans - Wisconsin

This will further solidify the WR corps and will add yet another weapon to new comer A.J Feeley. It wasnt what they wanted in OT Shawn Andrews but it will give the Fins a backup in case WR David Boston should pull any fiasco's. Coach Jerry Sullivan has assured the Dolphins that Boston will come in with a fresh mind to the organization, however, this will be the best pick available at the time since both Vernon Carey and Andrews will be gone by then.



Miami (47th overall, via Chicago): The Fins priority still remains the OL and will absolutely stack up on the OL with the next couple of picks. Since their targeted pick was not available they had a plan B. This will be the pick the Fins receive in the Ogunleye trade.

Miami (47th overall) will select OL Nat Dorsey - Georgia Tech

Former Fin's Coordinator and current GT Head Coach, Chan Gailey has been lauding Nat's performance to the Fins for months now. This guy is a monster at 6-7 and has great pass coverage and run blocking. Ive seen this kid play a couple of times and he's a work horse. His skills will superseed and will eventually become a starter sometime during the regular season.

Miami (58th overall, via Philadelphia): As I stated previously the Fins will select from the OL'men group to beef up a very weak line. This will be the pick in return from the First Round swap the Fins did with the Eagles.

Miami (58th overall) will select OG Chris Snee - Boston College

Ive seen Chris Snee play many many times so I know what kind of ability this guy has. At 6-3, 315 lbs this guy could block well, both in pass coverage and run blocking. He has amazingly quick feet for such a big guy and will push for a starting job during training camp. He will be a projected starter next season.



Miami (87th overall): There has been no denying that the Fins have been looking at OL, WR and Safties in this up and coming draft and this pick will be no exception. Expect the Fins to select secondary help and will most certainly address it with this pick.

Miami (87th overall) will select SS Will Allen - Ohio State

Again, this will add more depth to the secondary and this will be the best available pick for the Fins at No. 87. Ive seen Will Allen play for the last couple of years and although he seems like a project, Ive seen some talent in him and think he could take it to the next level. I dont see him starting anytime soon with the recent pickup's the Fins have done in the offseason, but I do expect him to make a run at the safty postion with in the next couple of years.



Miami (119th overall): The Fins will further stack up on the Offensive Line as it's been a priority set before the draft. This pick will add yet more depth to the previous picks selected in the earlier rounds.

Miami (119th overall) will select OG Carlos Joseph - Miami (Fla)

This pick makes me very very happy. Carlos is somewhat of a project pick, but Ive seen this kid play in and play out for the last few years and he's nothing short of spectacular. His run blocking is decent and is pass overage needs help. He tends to stumble off snap on occassion so he def. needs to work on his footing and speed. He's a monster though at 6-6 345 he has the ability to plug that offensive line solidly.



Miami (186th overall): Following the tradition of what Speilman has acknoledged so far for the draft, this is going to be the best available pick.

Miami (186th overall) will select: QB Jason Fife - Oregon

With such a deep draft with other postional players, I feel that the most overlooked position in this draft will be the Quarterbacks. If any indication, for a player like Jason Fife to be available so late in the draft, this would surely be either a 4 or 5th round pick in any other normal draft. Alot of decent QB's have come out of Oregon as of late, A.J Feeley, Joey Harrington, and now Jason Fife. Ive seen this kid play a couple of times and I really like him. He's got a good arm and is quick on his feet and mobile. He isnt a runner though, more as a pocket passer but if he could overcome decision making issues he has, I think he will replace A.J Feeley (a move that was def. ill advised, especially for a second round pick)



Miami (219th & 221st overall): In the later rounds, teams just grab the best available players since most of the skill positional players have been drafted already. There are on many occasions diamonds in the rough found in later rounds, so dont discard these picks.

Miami (219th overall) will select DE Josh Thomas - Syracuse

The kid has good size. Tall and lanky at 6-7 290 he's got somewhat of good mobility for his size. He's had problems learning the system at Syracuse and really didnt fulfill his expectation when he was recruited. This was a pick to try to level off the trade of Ogunleye to the Bears. The Fins have suitable backup DE's though, and have had a good defense the last couple of years.

Miami (221st overall) will select DT Brian Howard - Idaho

Since the Fins arent too deep in the tackle position, it never hurts to add a young one in the draft eh? He's got decent size for a tackle at 6-3 290. He's shown some versatility playing both left and right side DT postions. Was a recruited DE from high school who converted to tackle. Should be a good addition if he makes an impact.

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DETROIT LIONS - this is gonna be their year (or maybe 2005 :) )...

First off, congrats to my man Barry Sanders - invited to the Hall of Fame - will be inducted in August:eek:

The Lions have the #6 pick this year... There is a lot of uncertainity as to what position the Lions will fill - overall, the entire team could use a little boost. With the addition of Charlie Rogers last year, we gave Joey Harrington a fantastic WR - who will only get better with more playing time and experience. The offensive line could use some help as well, but more than likely that role will be filled with a veteran player or late-round pick... Another young WR is always an option... say a Roy Williams or Larry Fitzgerald....

Other options - an impact-type player for defense.. I like Winslow Jr - he's a solid player - plus he's kinda nutty...

Detroit really haven't made an announcement as to who or what position they plan to draft first.... and since they don't know, I have no clue either:laugh:

GO REDWINGS.............and GO LIONS:D

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Originally posted by lolahotass

Another young WR is always an option... say a Roy Williams or Larry Fitzgerald....

Laura.. no way Detroit is passing up on either Kellen Winslow or Sean Taylor... Fitzgerald and Williams will be long gone by the time the Lions are on the clock.

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patriots trade one ofthe first rounders to someone for next years first round and a third for this year. Pick up a guard, defensive back, linbacker, and big wide reciever. Three become starters or atleast play 50% of downs.

On the way we become superbowl champs again.

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Originally posted by digital7

Laura.. no way Detroit is passing up on either Kellen Winslow or Sean Taylor... Fitzgerald and Williams will be long gone by the time the Lions are on the clock.

Yeah, I think the Lions have their hearts set on Kellen Winslow...I think he's one of the best players in the draft anyway...TEs are always so underestimated...

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